6 Generations 3D Printing Pen

Low temperature 3D printing pen 6 Generations with LED display.Give your child a good childhood toy

Product Details

This is a low temperature pen for children. Compared to other types of filament materials, the PCL used in this pen is safer for children. Its streamlined construction gives it the true advantage of most other 3D printing pens on the market. 3Style's hand-fit design provides a more familiar grip so you can create without any difficulty. The metal shell of the pen adds a style to it.

ItemLOW Temperature VersionHigh Temperature Verslon
Product Type06A06A
Pen POint Temperature25 degreeN/A
Working Temperature75-95degree185-210degree
Display ScreenLCDLCD
BOdy length80mm80mm
Max Diameter25mm25mm
Pnnting nozzle0.6mm0.6mm
Pen point/Pen TailedOne key rotaryOne key rotary
ColorBlue Yellow Red WhiteBlue Yellow Red White
Power Supply5VDC-2A



1. Product lightweight design, simple and elegant.

2. Intelligent anti-plug.

3. Temperature visualization design.

4. Intelligent standby function design.

low tmeperature 3D pen 05.jpg


1. This device is suitable for use in children and adults aged 8 or above. Below can be used.

2. Near the end of the pen nib for 3D high temperature danger zone, it is forbidden to touch the tip position with the hand.

3. Prohibit the use of pen touch on other hard objects, prohibit the use of a foreign body into the feeding hole or the nib.

4. When you need to replace the material, you will need to ensure that the supplies port level.

low tmeperature 3D pen 06.jpg


1.The surface temperature is lower than the body temperature, but the internal work temperature is 80-95 degrees. The nozzle will still be hot and pay attention to the touch.

2.When the material is returned, it can’t be pulled out by hand until it is finished automatically and must be returned.

3.Due to the use of PCL supplies, the angle is as good as about 65 degrees.

Low temperature 3D printing pen 6 Generations with LED display