Professional Making Precision Clear PC Injection Moulding Plastic Parts

Product Description 1. Mould material: 40Cr,45Cr,P20... 2. Product material: PE,PP,POM,PA... 3. Mould installation:stationary. 4. Arrangement mode: horizontal. 5. Processing equipment: CNC,Grinder, milling machine.... 6. Mould feature: reasonable structure design, good surface treatment, long...

Product Details

Juxing Mould is professional make the clear PC plastic products.


1. With high strength and elasticity coefficient, high impact strength, the use of a wide temperature ranges.

2. PC materials are tasteless, odorless, harmless, healthy and safely.

3. Shaping shrinkage is minimal and the dimensional stability is good.

4. Uses: the production of high strength and impact resistance of the parts. For example, electronic product, clear joint product, medical equipment parts.

Product  Process

1. Mold design control

2. Die steel hardness test

3. Mold electrode inspection

4. Core and cavity steel size inspection

5. Mold pre-assembly inspection

6. Mold test report and sample inspection

7. Final inspection before shipment

8. Export product packaging inspection

Design definition requirements:

1. Mold basic information sample;

2 plastic parts function;

3 2D drawing (weight) or 3D drawing;

4. Quantity or technical requirements;

5. Annual forecast or MFQ;

6. Surface treatment requirements, the sample is better;

7. Other key points.