Working Principle Of Melt Blown Making Machine

- May 28, 2020-

  The meltblown process is to extrude the polymer solution from the spinneret of the die to form a solution stream. The heated stretching air is blown out at high speed from the air ducts on both sides of the spinneret, also known as air gaps. Stretch. The cooling air is replenished from both sides at a certain position below the die to make the fibers cool and crystallize. In addition, a spray device can also be set under the cooling air device to further rapidly cool the fibers. A spraying device can also be set under the netting curtain of the receiving device, so that the ultra-fine fibers formed by high-speed airflow drawing are uniformly collected on the netting curtain (or roller) of the receiving device. For meltblown non-woven materials.
  The principle of the meltblown process of the general meltblown die in the non-woven technology industry is such a process. The meltblown die is the die used on it. Need to use meltblown die head. Welcome to contact Juxing Mold.