What Is The Effect Of The Extrusion Die In The Extruder?

- Aug 18, 2017-

Aluminum extrusion machine in the operation of pipe extrusion, in addition to materials, processes, the equipment components are also very critical. This includes extrusion die head. How does this part help us to make the ideal pipe material? Let's have a look.

When the material enters the extruder, it passes through the compaction, melting, mixing, homogenizing and other processes. The material is pushed to the die head through the screw rod. Thus, the extrusion die is the key to the forming of the tube. The utility model can be used as the main device for shaping and cooling pipes, and plays an important role in an extruder.

Of course, the role of extrusion die must be completed with other components, such as tractor, for the pipe from the equipment out of India; cutting machine, automatic cutting pipe to achieve the required length; and so on. Therefore, the extruder can become one of the important processing equipment of pipe products.