The Main Classification Of Plastic Molds

- Sep 12, 2017-

According to the different molding methods, can be divided into plastic mold types corresponding to different process requirements, the main injection molding extrusion mold, plastic mold, high foampolystyrene mold etc..

1 、 plastic injection mould

It is thermoplastic plastic products the most universal of a mold used in the production of processing equipment, plastic injection mold is the corresponding plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection machine in the first floor heating barrel heating melt, then the injection machine screw or plunger driven by the runner system of injection machine nozzle and the mold into the mold cavity plastic molding cooling sclerosis strippingget products. The structure is usually composed of molding parts, gating system, guiding parts, pushing out mechanism, temperature regulating system, exhaust system and supporting parts.

2 、 plastic mould

Including compression molding and injection molding two types of mold structure. They are a type of mold that is mainly used for forming thermosetting plastics, and the corresponding equipment is a pressure molding machine. According to the characteristics of plastic compression molding method, the mold is heated to the molding temperature (usually 103 degrees - 108 degrees), then the measurement of good pressure plastic powder into the mold cavity and the feeding room, closed mold, plastic in high temperature, high pressure flow softening, after a certain period of time setting, as required the product shape.

3 、 plastic extrusion die

A kind of mold used to produce plastic products of continuous shape, also known as extrusion molding heads, widely used in pipes, bars, monofilament, plates, films, wires and cables, coating materials, special-shaped materials and so on. The corresponding production equipment is plastic extruder, the principle is solid plastic in the heating and rotating screw extruder of melting under the conditions of pressure, plasticizing, and made the same continuous plastic section and the shape of the die through the specific shape of the die. Its manufacturing materials are mainly carbon structural steel, alloy tools, etc. Some extrusion dies will also wear diamond and other wear-resistant materials on the parts that need to be worn. In the extrusion process usually is only applicable to thermoplastic plastic products production, its structure and the injection mold and pressuremold has obvious difference.

4 、 plastic blow mould

It is used for molding plastic containerslike hollow products (such as beverage bottles, cosmetic supplies all kinds of packaging containers) of a mold molding process in the form of the main principle of extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection blow molding extends, multi-layer blow molding hollow molding, sheet blow molding etc.. The corresponding equipment for blow molding of hollow products is usually called plastic blow molding machine. Blow molding is only suitable for the production of hot plastic products. Blow molding structure is relatively simple, more materials used, more carbon is manufactured.

5 、 plastic suction mould

A plastic board sheet material forming a mold of some simple plastic products, its principle is to use vacuum or compressed air bloom forming method in the fixed die or punch on the plastic plate, sheet, and paste in the mold cavity on the necessarymolding products in the heating and softening deformation the case, mainly for some daily necessities, food, toy packaging products production. Because the molding mould pressure is lower, the mould material is made of cast aluminium or non-metal material, the structure is simple.

6 、 high foaming polystyrene molding die

It is a mold which uses expandable polystyrene (bead material consisting of polystyrene and foaming agent) to form all kinds of foam packing material. The principle is that the polystyrene can be molded into steam in the mold, including two types of simple manual operation mold and hydraulic press straight through foam plastic mold, which are mainly used to produce packaging products of industrial products. The materials for making this mould are cast aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and so on.