Problems And Treatment Of Sealing In Extruder

- Aug 18, 2017-

Tightness is very important for many equipment, only in good sealing conditions, equipment to normal operation. And this entirely depends on the seal to complete, when after a long period of use of damaged seals, leakage will occur, the ability to work and other undesirable phenomena. This kind of problem also exists in the extruder, so the sealing part is also the focus of equipment maintenance.

Taking extrusion machine as an example, it is found that the most common problem of the sealing parts is wear, elasticity reduction, or the wear of the parts directly contacting the sealing parts. If these phenomena are not handled in a timely manner, it will make the seal seriously damaged and can not continue to use, and eventually affected or extruder.

For the first two issues, the most simple and effective way is to replace the seal, and if the piston, the piston rod wear or damage, in addition to the replacement of components can be recovered by repair, such as small plunger chromium plating in regrinding; piston can take heavy rolling mill processing method, but heavy grinding quantity is limited.