Precise Hard and Soft Plastic Injection Mould

- Sep 15, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: JX-020

  • Surface Finish Process: Polishing

  • Plastic Material: ABS

  • Application: Household Appliances, Electronic

  • Design Software: Pro-E

  • Certification: SGS, ISO

  • Customized: Customized

  • Finish Treatment: as Injected

  • Trademark: OEM

  • Specification: Standard tool frame

  • Shaping Mode: Injection Mould

  • Mould Cavity: Multi Cavity

  • Process Combination Type: Single-Process Mode

  • Runner: Hot Runner

  • Installation: Fixed

  • Payment Term: Negotiable

  • Co: Shandong, China

  • Transport Package: Wooden Box

  • Origin: Shandong Province

Product Description

1. Mould Design and Manufacturing by ourselves.
2. Delivery on time
3. Quality system in place
4. OEM and ODM service offered.
5. Some Q and A as below.

 Customer's Question Our Reply
What's the part material that you can work with?Plastic injection grade, PVC, ABS, PC, PP, POM, PA, PBT with GF or not.
Who designs the molds?Molds design in house.
What programs they know? normally UG.
How many molds can they design simultaneously? Normally, 20 molds per month
Can you during the production process make the modification of the existing mold and start the manufacturing again?  Yes, we can modify the molds if the modification is reasonable
Have you microwelding for the modification of molds? Yes, if necessary, we will use welding for mold modification, or make a new insert.
Of what materials do you make the main parts of the molds? What is the rigidity? For the mold core, we use H13, P20, 718, 8402, 8407 etc, hardness about 52HRC.
Do you make commercial molds, what materials do you use, what is the rigidity, what is the cost? Yes, we can make commercial molds per customer's requests, the cost is case by case.
What time do you need for the designing and manufacturing of one mold? Normally 15-60 days for a new mold, depends on the mold size and part geometry.
Who makes the molds? We make the molds.
Describe the structure of the production, how many molds can they make simultaneously? Normally, develop 15-20 new molds per month  
What equipment have they, how many units? from 18 ton- 2000Ton
How many work places are there in the shop? We have 2 building for the workshop about 1000 square meters.
Who makes the plastic parts? We make the plastic parts.
Can you make small batches of experimental parts in the quantity to 1000 pcs? Yes, we can make small batch, like 1,000pcs.
Can you work with Chinese molds, made at another enterprise?1.Need to see if the mold by other Chinese enterprise is in good condition.                          2. Will charge cost if we need to repair the tool.  
Can you make prototypes of plastic parts according to our drawings 3D Solid by means of the following technologies:    CNC  of PC natural and transparent, CNC  of PC natural with painting,CNC of ABSYes, we can do. 2 they're prototypes for both PC and aluminum
What is the precision at the manufacturing by means of CNC technology? By CNC to make prototypes, normal precision is +/-0.10mm
Do you polish the transparent parts? For transparent prototypes, we do polish or apply texture. For production of transparent parts, we make it by injection molding directly.
SLA. What is the precision, what is the material? The SLA we talk is 3d printing, use light-sensitive resin, made in China, precision is +/-0.10mm.
Can you make prototypes in silicone molds?  We can make prototypes in silicone molds
 Mould Life 100K- to 150K shots
 Packing material  Wooden box
 Hot Runner HASCO, DME etc.