Injection Mold Processing Method

- May 12, 2018-

(1) Flat processing: The shape obtained by processing is a plane, and the corresponding processing work includes sawing, planing, inserting, milling, plane assisting, and electrolytic grinding.

(2) Hole processing: The hole shape (internal shape) is the shape obtained by processing. The corresponding processing type includes drilling, reaming, hinge, impact, tapping, internal grinding, grinding, electric spark, and wire cutting.

(3) Axis processing: The machining shape is shaft (outline), corresponding to the working type of car, cylindrical grinding, wire cutting and so on.

(4) Profile, curved surface, three-dimensional processing: that is, the shape obtained by processing is a profile, a curved surface, and a three-dimensional space. There are milling, forming grinding, electric spark forming, wire cutting, electroforming, electrolysis, rapid model making, forging, cold extrusion, low pressure casting, precision casting, and epoxy resin casting.

(5) Surface treatment and processing: It is the processing and processing of the surface of mold parts, including surface finishing, patterns, characters, and surface enhancement. , electroplating, PVD spraying, ultrasonic polishing, etc.

(6) Assembly: That is, the mold parts are assembled into a complete mold.

(7) Wood treatment: such as heat treatment.

The application of the processing method of the casting mold in processing, namely the surface of the processing part, the structure of the processing part, etc., the processing allowance, the processing precision, the surface roughness and the like.