Factors That Affect The Polishing Of The Mold Surface

- Aug 18, 2017-

First, the workpiece surface conditions: the material in the machining process, the surface will be due to heat, internal stress or other factors and damage, improper cutting parameters will affect the polishing effect. EDM processing surface than the mechanical processing or heat treatment after the surface is more difficult to grind, so the end of the EDM should be used before finishing the spark, otherwise the surface will form a hardened layer. Such as improper selection of spark repair standards, the depth of the thermal impact layer up to 0.4mm. The hardness of the hardened layer is higher than that of the matrix and must be removed. So it is best to add a rough grinding process, for polishing processing to provide a good foundation.

Second, the heat treatment process: If the improper heat treatment, steel surface hardness uneven or different characteristics, will cause difficulties for polishing.

Third, the polishing technology: As the main polishing is done by hand, so the skills of people still affect the quality of the main reasons for polishing. It is generally believed that the polishing technology affects the surface roughness, in fact, good polishing technology but also with high-quality steel and the right heat treatment process, in order to get a satisfactory polishing effect; the other hand, polishing technology is not good, even if the steel no matter how good the mirror effect The

Fourth, the quality of steel: high-quality steel is a good prerequisite for good quality polishing, steel in a variety of inclusions and stomata will affect the polishing effect. To achieve a good polishing effect, the workpiece must be marked at the beginning of the mechanical processing of polished surface roughness, when a workpiece to determine the need for mirror polishing, you must choose a good polishing performance of steel and heat treatment is otherwise not expected Effect.