Design Requirements Of Die Structure For Stamping

- Aug 18, 2017-

Today's mold processing is a lot of machinery factory production activities indispensable, because we use mold processing products, less mold, the product can not be produced. Stamping processing mold structure design is to meet certain requirements, what kind of mold to use it?

In the design of the die, according to the stamping parts shape, batch size and accuracy to be selected to design the mold structure, such as the production of large quantities, the accuracy requirements are not too high, the parts can be used continuous mold structure, Requires a higher product parts can be used in the form of composite mold, if the production should be simple mold structure. Continuous die into the mold out of the form of the general under the initial and the two pieces of the structure of the form, the next out of the general fall in the concave hole force, not flat. And on the initial appearance due to the top role, after the beginning of relatively flat, so in the design of the die, the quality of parts should be based on the full consideration of the form of pieces.