Plastic Injection Molding Of Pet Clothes Hangers

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Plastic Injection Molding Of Pet Clothes Hangers

ItemDeatailed introduction
Part nameplastic hanger
Product modelSML
Product size150*175mm168*215mm180*250mm
Product materialPPPPPP
Product colorpink black whitepink black whitepink black white
Mould material

mould cavity1*11*11*1
Mould typecold runner mouldcold runner mouldcold runner mould
Mould treatmentCavity mirror polishCavity mirror polishCavity mirror polish
UseHanger clothesHanger clothesHanger clothes
Process equipmentCNC,EDM,Drill,Wire cutting,etc
Provides ServiceProvides detailed product introduction and overall quotation service
Design TeamWe have a professional design team.Provides design plans as clients' request
Professional FactoryWe are manufacturer,specializing in manufacturing plastic injection mould.
Mould featureReasonable structure design,good surface treatment,long mould life,shorter deliver time,the best price
Warranty6 months

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The hanger mold is an important factor in determining the shape and quality of the hanger. Hanger molds are almost classified as injection molds in the mold classification, mainly related to the processing and use of molds. Specifically, the material that is heated and melted is injected into the cavity of the hanger mold by high pressure, and after being cooled and solidified, a hanger molded article is obtained. The hanger injection molding process can be roughly divided into the following six stages: “Molding-Injection-Pressure-Cooling-Opening-Plastic Hanger Removal”, and the above process is repeated to continuously produce the product. The hanger mold can be made into a multi-cavity mold, and a plurality of hanger products can be produced by one shot. In the current mold processing process, the production of one out of two and one out of four hanger molds.

At present, the hanger mold does not seem to be classified according to the mold processing technology. However, as we all know, the hangers of different styles and materials have different ways of designing and processing the molds. Therefore, the classification of hanger molds is mainly divided according to the classification of the hangers.