Office And Home Use Plastic Electronic Box Mould

Office and Home Use Plastic Electronic Box Mould. This product/mould is Customized. If you would like to have a custom made product/mould, follow these steps, please!

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Office and Home Use Plastic Electronic Box Mould

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1, Please contact and inform me if you would like to send a product sample.

   Our address: Qingdao Juxing Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd.   

        No.23 Juxing Road, Nanguan Industrial Zone,Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, China     

        zip code:266300   

        Consignee: Wendy Wang

2, Tell me your mould requirements: 

A, cavity(if not sure, tell me your Estimated Annual usage, our designers  

  could suggest appropriate cavity );  

B, mould life (choose suitable mould material based on it);

C, product material ; 

D, mould making time (in general, mould making time is 20~45 working   

  days, if rush order, inform me, please)

3, Quotation: according to your requirements, I will send you a quotation 

    list in 1~2 workdays.

4, Feedback: Give me your feedback without delay, please! We are deeply 


5, Continue Cooperation:

 According to sample, design product and mould drawing, and arrange production. 

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Good News:  
1. We will make 3D drawing for you in free of charge accoding to your samples
2. We are able to make manual sample/model according to you prototype or drawings
3. Our 3D design software: SOLIDWORK/ UG/CAD and PDF


FAQ    why choose us?The advantage of JTP MOULD:

1). Prompt response within 24hours. .
2). Good Quality. .
3). Reasonable price.

4). Excellent after-sales services. If as technical skill Lifelong free repair .

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