Diy Plastic Mold

Diy Plastic Mold

For our plastic injection products, most are custom molded according to customer's sample or drawing or idea.
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1.Mould material: 40Cr,45Cr,P20...

2.Production material:ABS.

3.Mould installation:stationary.

4.Arrngement mode: horizonal.

5.Processing equipment:CNC,EDM machine,facilities,numerically controlled discharge and so on.

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Driven by the demand of high-tech drive and pillar industry applications, our company's plastic molds have formed a huge industrial chain, from the upstream raw materials industry and processing and testing equipment to downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, Several major application industries, such as electronic communication and building materials, provide you with high-quality plastic molds.

We are a professional manufacturer of large and medium-sized plastic injection molds, plastic blow molds and plastic products. We mainly manufacture auto parts molds, household appliance molds and daily product molds.

As one of the Chinese injection mold manufacturers, the company is committed to providing high quality and competitive products to customers at home and abroad in the shortest possible time.

We guarantee the exquisite design of the mold, high manufacturing precision, long service life, etc., and are highly praised by customers. We are dedicated to provide you with high quality molds, and provide one-stop service for injection mold processing, injection molding product manufacturing, and oil screen printing.