Plastic Motorcycle Parts Precision Injection Plastic Mould

Custom Plastic Injection Mould for Mini Equipment Main Frame 1.Mould material: 40Cr,45Cr,P20... 2.Production material: ABS. 3.Mould installation:stationary. 4.Arrangement mode: horizonal. 5.Processing equipment:CNC,EDM machine,facilities,mould engravng machine,numerically controlled discharge...

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Plastic Motorcycle Parts Precision Injection Plastic Mould

1.Mould material: P20.

2.Production material: PA66.

3.Mould installation:stationary.

4.Arrangement mode: horizonal.

A precision injection mold refers to a device in which a resin material is injected into a metal mold to obtain a product having a certain shape. In fact, in order to control the temperature of the mold, there are cooling holes, heaters, and the like on the mold. The material that has become the melt enters the main channel, and the gate is injected into the cavity through the branching channel. After the cooling stage, the mold is opened, and the ejector on the molding machine pushes the ejector rod out to push the product out. The molded article is composed of a main flow path through which the molten resin flows, and a shunt passage and a product for guiding the molten resin into the cavity. We usually design the lengths of the runners to be equal. The use of the main stream and the bypass in the molded product is not a product, and is sometimes discarded or pulverized and reused as a molding material. We call it a return. The return material is generally not used as a molding material alone, and is usually used after being mixed with a new material. This is because the mechanical properties, fluidity, color and other properties of the resin change after one molding.


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