Cheap Plastic Injection Mould

Cheap Plastic Injection Mould

For our plastic injection products, most are custom molded according to customer's sample or drawing or idea.

Product Details

photobank (1).jpgCheap plastic injection mould

1.Mould material: 40Cr,45Cr,P20.

2.Production material:ABS.

3.Mould installation:stationary.

4.Arrngement mode: horizonal.

5.Processing equipment:CNC,EDM machine,facilities,mould engravng machine,numerically controlled discharge and so on.

6.Design Software:UG, CAD, PRO-E, Solid Works etc,

7.Process:CNC, high speed carve, EDM ,wiring-cutting, drill, polish etc  

8.Treatment:Pre-Harden, Nitride, Heat treatment, Quenching    

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Automotive, electronics, medical, fiber and transmission industries, and custom components, including connector molded parts, automotive parts, medical parts, and other tools.


1. Years of experience in mold injection molding.

2. Strong design and engineering capabilities; Excellent engineers, rich experience in mold design, to meet customer design requirements

3. Advanced production technology and equipment;

4. Strict quality control system; From incoming inspection to shipment inspection, quality personnel supervise the product to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 99%.

5. Flexible management of good after-sales service.

6. Reasonable cost and excellent service. Timely delivery guarantee.