Spinneret Mould of PVC Moulding

PET high strength stainless steel extrusion spinneret mould for extruding machine

Product Details

Spinneret mould

1. Hangers-style structure.

2. The lip adopts special  processing structure. Material flow stability, a silk evenly.

3. All sides of the mould  plated chromium and used high-strength bolts with 12.9 grades.

The heater  make of nice staginess can be control heating.

4. Steady production, the  structure is simple, easy to remove and cleaning.

5.φ0.5 -φ1mm production of  single, two-color silk.

6. Suitable for: PVC.

7.Mould width:1000-2000mm.

Equipment introduction

The spinning carpet produced by this equipment is extruded in one time. The product has the advantages of softness, aging resistance, easy cleaning and convenient laying. It is used in hotels, hotels, homes, airports, bathroom mats, and is used in large traffic. Channel, elevator mat, door mat.

PVC wear-resistant floor mat, strong friction, flexible, good insulation, water resistance, non-toxic, no stimulation to the human body, no pollution, good protection, mainly to provide protection to the ground, anti-skid and water Beautiful decoration, easy to clean, durable and recyclable. Non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, not aging and fading. Bright colors, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, easy to handle, can be washed with water and many other advantages. The anti-slip bottom structure effectively prevents the floor mat from moving, making the customer feel safe, practical and environmentally friendly. Long service life, beautiful appearance, good integrity, corrosion resistance, non-corrosion, and low noise compared with other materials.

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1. We provide mould, OEM is available "according to the customers' drawings (material can be done according to customer's requirement).

2. We improve the finished product, customers can also according to the mold production of finished products.
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