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Extrusion T-Die for PVC Crust Foam Sheet Extrusion Flat Die

Qingdao JUXING Machinery Mould Co.,Ltd.,a specialist manufacturer of flat extrusion dies,has engaged in the research ,development and manufacturing of extrusion plates,sheet film single layer or multilayer co-extrusion die,distributors,melt pump,hydraulic screen changer and etc.With the abundant manufacturing experience and continuously technical innovation ,equipped with moderm CNC processing machines ,our company is making the products to be much better.Our products are being widely used for PP.PE.ABS.PC.PMMA.PVC.EVA and other materials ,production.Our extensive manufacyuring experiences and constant technological as well as state-of-the-art machining centers ensure constantly-improving of die quality.

Excellent quailty,fine reputation and perfect service are the unchanged mission of every jingwei people.In the coming days ,Jingwei will produce unsurpassed dies and delivery more value to our customers and partners than they have expected by offering top quality and perfect service.

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Die has a streamlined flow channel surface, the two halves of the body mold design, die disintegration, easy to clean.

The manual mode choke body 90 degrees to adjust the rod, extrusion thickness of 5-20mm. Can be adjusted according to the thickness of the article.

To accommodate different viscosity melt stream to obtain a uniform distribution.

Mold body using high-quality imported alloy tool steel, or to extend the life of the mold.

All channel surface hard chromium plating, the average thickness of 25μm ~ 50μm, and mirror-polished.

Die fasteners 12.9 high strength bolts.

Heating elements made of high quality, durable stainless steel heating rods, heating ring

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