Extrusion Die Head

Extrusion Die Head

We have our own molds plant. Our mold engineers have skill of using UG, PRO/e, SolidWorks, CAD and other 3D design software to design the molds. We have Large CNC machining centers, CNC engraving machines, EDM spark molding machines and Line cutting machines etc to produce the molds.

Product Details

extrusion die head

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Hollow Sheet mould and Stereotypes mould ofextrusion die head

1. Hangers-style structure.

2. The upper lips and Lacer lips can regulate the thinness of the products, and can satisfy of different thickness products, with blowing device.

3. All sides of the mould plated chromium and used high-strength bolts with 12.9 grades. The heater make of nice staginess can be control heating. Steady production, the  structure is simple, easy to remove and cleaning.

4. Production thickness 2-10mm, the hollow sheets like rice shaped square shaped, multilayer board products and so on.

5. Suitable for: PE, PP,  ABS, PC materials.

6.Mould width:400-2000mm.

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Certification: ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015,GB/T28001-2011,SGS

We have strong technology and production capacity. Guided by the market, we continue to learn from domestic and foreign advanced technology and develop new machines to meet the different requirements of customers.

Die head features

1. We will try our best to meet the specific extrusion capabilities of our customers.

2. The precise structure ensures maximum uniformity of melt plastic compounding.

3. After tempering and annealing to reduce pressure, with no deformation and excellent stability.

4. Easy to clean, convenient and fast.

Our fast production, high output and best product are the result of optimal interaction between our high quality extruders, corrugating machines and downstream equipment.

In addition to the extruder and downstream equipment, the die is a major part of the production process. Develop your own die to achieve the desired production results.