customized extrusion die head

Customized Extrusion Die Head of Mould width:400-3500mm and can production 0.5 mm - 6mm thick sheet products.Steady production the structure is simple, easy to remove, cleaning.

Product Details

Sheet mould of Customized Extrusion Die Head

1. Hangers-style structure.

2. Both sides are equipped with top mould and pull fine adjustment screw bending mould lip, to adjust the mold mouth  clearance.

3. All sides of the mould plated chromium and used high-strength bolts with 12.9 grades. The heater make of nice staginess  can be control heating.

4. Steady production the structure is simple,  easy to remove, cleaning.

5. Production 0.5 mm - 6mm thick sheet products.

Product show.jpg

Customized Extrusion Die Head.jpgCustomized Extrusion Die Head.jpg

Our service

1. We provide mould, OEM is available "according to the customers' drawings (material can be done according to customer's requirement).

2. We improve the finished product, customers can also according to the mold production of finished products.
3. We provide one-stop service, from design, production, service, etc.

Our Advantages:

1.OurengineersfollowtheCustomized Extrusion Die Heads' prodution every week to make sureallofthemareinschedule.

2. Aftertrialproduction,wewillcheckthesamplestomakesureeverything areright

4. After everything is ok, we will do final inspection on the molds and products before shipment