Good sale witdth 1350mm PVC sheet mat plastic extrusion machine

Product —extrusion machine—Sheet Extrusion Machine Good Sale Witdth 1350mm PVC Sheet Mat Plastic Extrusion Machine Spinneret Moulds 1. Hangers-style structure. 2. The lip adopts special processing structure. 3. Material flow stability, a silk evenly. 4. All sides of the mould plated chromium and...

Product Details

PVC door mat floor mat making machine is used to produce PVC floor mat sheet with different patterns, different colors, and different size according to your request. It can also be used to laminate film or PVC back to PVC coil mat, tufted mat etc. Our machine line is for new technology. The machine line is not difficult to operate.

The PVC floor mat produced by calendaring floor mat machine line is with many kinds patterns such as coin, bullet, diamond, spike, hexagon etc. Different patterns are made from different pattern rollers of the machine. The mat is also with different thickness, width according to your require. This kind mat is widely used in hotel, restaurant, office building, stadium, airport, kindergarten and as car interior decoration etc.

Machine features:

1) Production of many colors and many series of drainage board.

2) Complete automation machine to save the time and manpower.

3) Different mould to produce drainage board with dimple's height of 5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm.

4) Specially designed roller to ensure the precise thickness of the board. Thus to lower the rate of wasting raw material.

Machine application:

1) Traffic Engineering: Roads, railway embankment and slope protection layer.

2) Landscape engineering

3) Construction: Building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and outside walls, roof waterproof and insulation.

4) Municipal engineering: Subway, tunnels, road embankment.

5) Garden Project: Soccer fields, golf courses, garage greening roof projects.