Pvc Extruder Machine

Pvc Extruder Machine

pvc extruder machine - SJ-100/30 PVC coil mat production line
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SJ-100/30 PVC coil mat production line

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Using conditions:

Power source: Three-phase four-wire 380V,50HZ

Circulation cooling water:≤20℃,≥0.3MPa,3-6m³/h

Compressed air: 0.5MPa,0.4m³/min

Center height: 1600mm

Equipment install dimension: 35000mm*3200mm*2700mm


Operation direction: From right to left

Equipment composition:

1.Spiral feeder 1set

2.SJ100/30single screw extruder 2sets

3.Mould 1set

4.Coil forming machine 1set

5.Water cleaner 1set

6.Spray glue device 1set

7.10mheating oven 1set

8.Edge cutting device 1set

9.Rolling machine 1set

Spiral feeder

Material Stainless steel

Motor Power 2.2KW

Loading mode Spiral

SJ-100/30single screw extruder

Center height 1600mm

Screw/barrel parameter(from Zhoushan)

Screw diameter 100mm

Screw L/D ratio 30:1

Material 38GrMoAL

Heating treatment Nitriding treatment

Surface hardness HV940-1050     

Nitriding depth 0.5-0.7mm

Barrel heating/cooling parameter

Heating method Cast aluminum heating coil

Heating power 5.8KW*6

Cooling method air cooling

Cooling power 0.25KW*6


Speed ratio 16:1

Gear material 20CrMoTi

Treating method gear grinding carburizing and quenching

Lubricating method Oil circulating pump

Transmission Triangular belt

Motor(from Qufu jinsheng)

Motor Power 75KW

Control model Frequency control


Mould (From Juxing )

Width 1420mm

Adjustment manner  Restrictor bar

Material P20 forging material    

Heating Power 24KW

Coil plate  1set

double spinneret mould 1.jpg

Forming machine

The machine can automatic lifting,back and forth motion for manual Drive mode Frequency control

Infrared heating system Solid state voltage regulator

Water cleaner

Motor power 0.75KW

Manner Frequency control

Spray glue device

Top roller  Rubber roller

Bottom roller  Steel roller

Control method  Frequency control  machine 0015.jpg

10meters heating oven

Heating method Electric

Heat-dissipating method Fan coiling

Fan power 5.5KW*3

Control method Frequency control

Edge cutting device

Motor Power 0.75KW

Effective width 900-1250mm

Rolling machine

Motor Power 1.5KW

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Electric control system

Frequency converter ABB

Temperature control meter Omron

Contactor SIEMENS

Air Switch SIEMENS

Auxiliary parts

300-material mixer 1sets

200-material mixer 1sets

Glue mixer 1set

360crusher 1set

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1. Warranty Period: one year. Free warranty (If man-made fault,there need collect some accessories fee)

2. Payment: 30% down payment by the buyer,the rest of the payment to be settled before shipment.

3. Packing manner: Film winding package